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with Maggie Mathisen


Healings designed to resolve our issues in the physical, psychic, astral and causal planes, which allows us to then access our innate love, joy and peace.

Customized with aspects of

facial massage

CranioSacral Therapy

Dr. John Upledger’s inspired work which is about clearing restrictions and traumas from the body.


Lymph Drainage Therapy

Dr. Bruno Chikly’s brilliant work which removes toxins so light and brightness can travel through the body.


The Reconnection

The beautiful work of Dr. Eric Perls which reconnects the person to their higher consciousness.

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A little about Maggie Mathisen

My healing sessions are about following inspiration. I am lead, guided and shown what will most benefit my client at that moment. I never force a result but rather get out of the way to allow healing energy to take over to produce the best possible outcome. I have learned many techniques which are handy if needed. Sometimes I’m guided to use a technique but my work is not typically technique based.

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My broken arm was healed in 5 days! Doctor was amazed.
These kinds of results are possible when our corresponding “issue” is addressed on multi-dimensional levels. When the contributory issue is cleared in the Causal, Astral, Physical, and Psychic Planes, we have true, lasting healing.


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Maggie Mathisen is a healer with the ability to see and hear into multiple planes of existence.

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