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About Healing Across Dimensions

maggie-mathisenMaggie has had a desire to heal others since childhood. One of her earliest memories is the awareness of others looking for help with their healing.

She has been doing healing work since 1986. She has been a licensed massage therapist (LMT #2431), certified in Reiki and The Reconnection, and trained in Upledgers CranioSacral Therapy, CranioSacral for Pediatrics, Chikly’s Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage for the Brain, Structural Integration, and Neuromuscular Therapy. She has also studied live blood morphology.

Her spiritual journey, which also began in childhood, has resulted in a belief in the unity and oneness of all.

These two lifelong journeys intersect at Maggie’s heartfelt desire to help end all suffering and facilitate true love, joy and peace in all beings everywhere.

What makes Maggie’s healings different?

The health of the body and mind at the best of times has a brightness and openness and well-being which can be characterized as joy.  Then there is what is recognized as our “normal” everyday vibration.  Our familiar vibration consists of the higher vibration obscured to whatever degree by the vibrations of our negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions, illnesses and restrictions.  These beliefs, thoughts and restrictions can be released even though they may be held in place on many levels.  I work with the physical, emotional, mental levels, as well as the psychic, astral and causal planes. Once the disturbance is uprooted from these levels the healing is complete. As the levels and planes are cleared the person feels better and better. The body and mind becomes used to carrying and sustaining this higher vibration.  The higher and clearer the vibration the greater the degree of well-being and happiness.

I have several gifts which help me in my healings.  One is the gift of clairaudience.  For example, I can hear subtle realms of existence.  One way this manifests is as the ability to hear when and where the body is singing in a flat or sharp key.   An example would be an organ.   I know healing is complete in this area when it harmonizes with the song the universe sings.

I also have a gift to be able to feel the vibration of disorganized energy or energy which is out of coherence with health and well-being.  The healing is complete in this area when the vibration becomes coherent.

I am also able to see disorganization or disturbance in the body or in the off-body plains.  This is very useful to determine what needs to be healed and when the healing is complete.  I can also see light and use light to heal.  I am able to see into the psychic, astral and causal planes to heal in these dimensions. I can also see into the aura to facilitate healing.

I work primarily with energy and also use CranioSacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage to help in the clearing of unwanted vibrations or energies.

My team of spiritual healers guide me through each session.


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Maggie Mathisen is a healer with the ability to see and hear into multiple planes of existence.

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