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Two types of healings are available. They are in person healings at my office or distance healings where you can be anywhere in the world.

My healing sessions usually last approximately an hour.  My clients and I talk at the beginning of session, telling me what is troubling them and what they would like to get out of the session, their priorities.  After talking, they lie on their backs on my massage table with their clothes on.  I touch their feet and then move to the head.  Most of the session is at the head end of the table.  I hold their intention for the session and access what is in the way of manifesting that goal.  I work with the:

  • CranioSacral System – this is Dr. John Upledger’s inspired work and is about the subtle energetic system which drives our cranio/sacral rhythm.  This rhythm can tell me where restrictions are in the body.  These restrictions represent a trauma (either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) which the person has not been able to resolve on their own.  This is the first rhythm to appear in utero and the last rhythm to stop at death.  This rhythm drives the lymphatic and visceral (organ) rhythms.
  • Lymphatic System – this is Dr. Bruno Chikly’s brilliant work.  The  lymph system is the housekeeper of the body, cleaning our tissues and organs of unwanted toxins.  Our lymph system carries light and brightness through our bodies when it is clean.  The average amount of lymph circulating through the body per day is approximately 2 liters.  After a lymph session the circulation is increased to 8 – 10 liters per day.  The system becomes super charged and healthy. There can be restrictions in this system which need to be addressed before full rhythm is restored.
  • Energetic System – is optimally clear of restrictions and flowing in a coherent pattern.  Often the energetic signature of the body has areas of incoherence, what I call squirrely energy.  These areas do not allow coherence through.  And more importantly, have trapped negative thoughts, beliefs or feelings in the area.  These areas can be in the body or in the person’s aura.  It is much easier to manifest health, happiness, love and joy if these areas or issues are resolved.
  • The Reconnection – is the beautiful work of Dr. Eric Perls.  It is being guided to work with the clients energetic field to remove blockages and reconnect the person to a higher vibration or coherence.
  • Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Centers – is where our “issues” are rooted causing them to keep recurring over our lifetimes until they are healed.  Our issues continuously present themselves for one reason only.  That reason is to be healed.  They are saying, “Hey look at me.  I hurt.  Heal me.”  So be glad your issue/issues are no longer unconscious and are making themselves felt so they can be healed.
  • Psychic, Astral and Causal Planes – ultimately the roots of our issues stem from these planes of existence.  These planes can be healed and made whole and radiate naturally with love and joy and peace.

These healings are also useful to heal connections with others who have departed with unfinished business with you and/or themselves.

My healings have aspects of CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and the Reconnection but I am guided to heal a person by a higher source and I listen to that source which is my inspiration and guiding light.

Please call 505-898-7853 for pricing or an appointment.

This type of healing is done with me in my office but my client can be anywhere in the world or even the universe.  Ultimately we are all connected and this connection allows me to tune in and heal a person anywhere – either on the earth plane or on other planes of existence.  I do not need to meet you in person, and I do not need a photo before the healing.

All the information about healings in the above paragraphs hold true for the distance healings.  They are essentially no different.

All sessions are also approximately one hour.  You would call for an appointment time.  At the start of the appointment I will call you to let you know we are beginning.  And I call at the end to let you know we are finished.  It is most helpful to rest during the appointment and just experience what you feel.  At the end of the session we can talk about what I have found and worked on.

Please call 505-898-7853 for pricing or an appointment.


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